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DamagedBox! TvShips Community

.- Wonder why I couldn`t make you stay -.

*Ships' Hunters*
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

1. Respect. We're here to have fun.

2. Allowed Posts: Graphics, Fanmix, Fanfics, Fanvids & Spampics.

3. When Posting use this format: Preview & Ljcut - MUST BE RELATED TO SHIPS.

4. We support every ship of yours - No matter the show. Love's what we want.

5. Dont Hotlink or Steal - Internet doesn't allow you to be rude.

6. Everyone can post but The Mods have the right to:
- Refuse your Admission if you dont follow the rules.
- Delete your entries if they dont fit with what we're asking for.
- Give you cookies and special gifts if you are nice to them. ;D

7. ENJOY! ♥

FAQ ->
How it started? Why? Who are we? Check it out here!


You'll get cookies! =) Save, Upload, Promote ♥

Love ♥ sixphanel blindbeats & mokillosa
Thxns to faceon for the layout!